Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Services offers a portfolio of services that helps turn supply chain management into a competitive strategy. By outsourcing these modular and scalable solutions to a trusted provider, you can focus on your core competencies, reduce costs, and improve customer service

From order fulfillment, transportation management, and orchestrated delivery to returns programs, we have the resources and technology to quickly move your goods from one end of the supply chain to the other-and back again if needed. As a member of our team, you will be part of a world class leader in Supply Chain solutions.

The Power of the Supply Chain

Thriving in today's increasingly complex, global marketplace requires the integration of product, supply chain, and business strategies. Our supply chain design and planning services will help you create the supply chain you need to bring out the best in your company. Our designers and engineers will go beyond the abstract, and produce a plan that will leverage the unmatched scope of UPS logistics capabilities to benefit your business.

What We Can Do for You:

  • Streamline your distribution network, reducing costs and improving customer service
  • Provide insight into logistics design, re-engineering, and supply chain management
  • Implement leading-edge information systems
  • Implement benchmarking processes to measure productivity

From site analysis and selection to supply chain modeling, network optimization, and parts planning, our services can help you start the process of making your supply chain a more effective part of your business' operations. If you are looking to outsource your entire transportation network, we can provide the knowledge, experience, and relationships to help you design and manage your supply chain.

WHAT YOU GET WITH Ocean Trans Movers


With us there is always the 100% garantee of getting your shippments/parcels being delivered to you in time and untampered.


If you need any mail item for immediate online delivery we can open it, scan it and email it to you within 4 business hours.


Our fleet of new transport trucks and equipments will alway help us achieve our 100% efficience target. Our vehicles are well maintained.


Our online results give you real-time, detailed progress as your shipment speeds through our networks.